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It all started when Adam Peled and Oded Levi were searching for a software development company that would help them polish their ideas and advise them using advanced technologies. After a long journey without finding “the one”, they decided to turn in another direction. The solution that they came up with not only helped them shine a bright light on their own idea but also helped others do the same. They decided to create the company they were searching for back in 2012.

This is the origin story of RazorGrip!
After years of experience with innovative, interesting and challenging projects we are proud to say that our unique and talented team, with their cutting-edge tech – are the best combination in the world! (or at least one of the best 😊)


From the first meeting to the launch – we will be 100% committed to your needs.

Taking Enterprises to the 21th century

Proven track record of advancing organizations to new and uprising technology stacks.

Architecture & Software design

Our motto is that a high quality code pays itself in dividends

Product & Project involvement

We love taking an active part in the definitions and brainstorming idea phases of the product/project


RazorGrip Technologies has extensive experience in managing management systems Outsourcing and providing IT services and solutions – The company’s customers enjoy maximizing production at minimum time and at predictable costs.

Comando Team

With years of experience, we managed to create a Kickass team that will wrap up your project with cutting edge-high quality-epic technology.

High Skilled


  • Improving our technological spectrum and deepening it
  • Enhancing our customer care and project management levels
  • Gaining new insights on the market, processes and tools
  • Giving back to our employees more and making them feel at home
  • Diversifying our business models and methods of working
  • Understanding new verticals and their methodologies

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Taking Enterprises to the 21th century100%
Product & Project involvement100%
Architecture & Software design100%
UI & UX design100%
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